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About Britannia & Our Foundry

Britannia is a privately owned company which offers a highly professional service specialising in the restoration or replacement of cast and wrought metalwork. Our extensive library of original patterns from the late 19th and early 20th century for railings, balustrades, newel posts, grilles, staircase treads and much more enables us to replace or match existing ironwork from different periods. Our experience & understanding of Heritage ironwork dictates a restoration philosophy of minimum intervention.

We have two highly qualified design engineers in house, both with over 20 years of combined experience and can provide advice, coordinated fabrication and installation drawings, even models if required. We welcome and can provide design solutions in contemporary as well as classic Victorian and Edwardian styles.

We have our own foundry and are equipped to provide aluminium versions of cast iron originals using the most environmentally friendly green sand process.

We have our own fabrication workshop and access to all traditional and modern metalwork fabrication techniques from blacksmithing & forge - welding to laser & water jet-cutting.

Design, Manufacture & installation service

We offer a complete service from design through to manufacture, fabrication and installation. This would include architectural working drawings, pattern making, casting in iron, aluminium, bronze, or brass. 

Our substantial library of Victorian and Edwardian patterns enables us to copy, replace or repair staircases, balustrades, grilles, brackets, air bricks and a host of other ironwork. We are able to fashion working patterns from original cast ironworks, or produce new patterns for bespoke designs. Our foundry will weld cast iron or aluminium giving us great flexibility in fabrication. We have our own fabrication workshops and our fully employed specialist installation teams are able to install  throughout the UK and Europe.


We offer a variety of protective coatings ranging from the basic but durable zinc phosphate primer through to flame-spray zinc or aluminium coatings and epoxy resin decorative finishes.

Aluminium products are usually sold as bare metal or powder coated with any RAL colour. Special colour matches are available but are subject to minimum order levels.

Cast iron, if used externally has to be undercoated with a zinc oxide and then painted, there are a host of different paint systems one can use depending on the type of  finish and level of durability required. Cast iron internally is often simply lacquered and waxed which shows off the iron itself.



The Britannia Foundry, located in Hoddesdon approx. 20 miles north of London, produces aluminium castings. It is modern, clean, efficient and is managed by Russell, our chief Engineer with over 35 years experience in the industry. Currently we have one apprentice and we are hoping to increase this.

The foundry produces virtually no waste and its green sand casting process is inherently more environmentally friendly than modern resin-set foundries.

The foundry also fabricates, can weld cast iron and aluminium, and produce patterns from original cast iron works. The picture (attached) is an example of a gate for which patterns were  produced from Victorian castings and made entirely in our Foundry for a gentleman in Glasgow.